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Connect across Europe

Thanks to Azimuth, you can easily get in touch with new Scouts and Guides to create international projects.

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Explore new places

New adventures are just a click away. Start them now!

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Easy to use system

Azimuth isn't the bottleneck of new explorations.

How to join Azimuth

"Azimuth" - the tool to facilitate international guiding and scouting experience is ready for use for everyone!

Create an account and get started immediately by browsing posts from all over Europe, or creating your own

If your organisation has not joined yet, make sure to get in contact with the team (see the FAQ for the registration process for organisations). And if your organisation is already part of Azimuth, make sure to invite as many people as possible and help Azimuth become a lively place for planning international exchange!

Next training sessions for MOs

For all MOs that are not yet set up for Azimuth (or need some refreshing), we are offering regular training sessions. The next ones will be held on June 22nd, 2PM and 6PM CEST. Get in contact with us via azimuth@europak-online.net if you are interested!

New functionalities

Filter results by dates: Azimuth now features the possibility to filter for event dates to provide you with more refined search results

Beautify your posts: Your post descriptions can now use html tags to improve their looks

Better support: With the improved Contact form, your are now able to reach your national facilitators and activators more efficiently.

We are constantly working on improving Azimuth - make sure to provide us with your ideas and feedback on our feedback platform.