The Team

In early 2021, a group of people from a few member organisations of European Region of WOSM and WAGGGS formed a team and with region’s support started working on Azimuth’s development. The platform was launched for general usage in autumn 2021. The team will hand the supervision of Azimuth to the region at the following European Scout and Guide conference in the summer 2022.


Alex is one of the current international commissioners of the interconfessional German Scout and Guide Association BdP. He is part of the WOSM regional operational framework and has been leading the Azimuth team during development and roll out of the platform.


Virus is a member of the National Board of Junák - Czech Scouting. He initiated a similar project for Junák. A few weeks later, he had learned about Azimuth and joined its project team. He helped shape requirements on Azimuth features and brought Martin, the leading developer.



Adrian loves to engage on connecting Guides & Scouts. As member of the German interconfessional Scout and Guide Association BdP, he works on dedicated international projects since 2013.


Markéta works as the International Relations Coordinator of Junak – Czech Scouting. She is a member of the Azimuth development team, one of its current admins and the activator and facilitator for her organisation’s members.


Kiwi is coordinator of the international team of the VCP in Germany. With the vision to make international connections easier for scouts he joint the Azimuth team in an early stage and is one of the current admins.


Jose Dor