Here you find frequently asked questions on how to use Azimuth.

1. How does the registration work?

To ensure a safe and secure for all users of Azimuth, only Scouts and Guides officially registered in one of the participating member organisations (MO) can register on the platform. During the registration process you need to indicate your MO. The activator administrators of your MO will then receive your registration. They have access to the database of your MO and will confirm whether you have an active membership.

2. Which member organisations (MOs) are participating in Azimuth?

If you click on Explore Countries in the menu, you will see a map of Europe. All countries in grey colour have at least one active MO. Clicking on the countries will reveal more info about the MOs there. If you then click on "Show member organizations" you will find specific info on MOs participating in Azimuth.  

3. My member organisation (MO) is not participating in Azimuth, how can I still register?

Unfortunately you cannot register if your MO is not participating in Azimuth. The reason is that we need to ensure that you are an active member of WAGGGS or WOSM, access to the member database of your MO is therefore mandatory. Each participating MO provides an activator, a person who has access to the member database and who is responsible for confirming that new registrations correspond to real members of their MO. If your MO is not participating yet, you can get in touch with the International Commissioner (IC) of your MO and express your wish that your country and your MO should join the Azimuth platform. The IC can organise the next steps with our team and get in touch with us. Help us grow and get your MO on board today!

4. How can I search for posts?

The search bar is the key of the Azimuth platform giving you access to all the offers and requests published by other Scouts and Guides. You need to be logged in to view the contents of Azimuth.

You find a basic search bar by clicking on the WOSM/WAGGGS logos on the top left. Here on the front page of Azimuth you can choose the category and the country for your search. Clicking on "search" brings you to a website with an advanced search bar including dates, where a map of the Europe region is shown with pins as well as tiles below the map with particular results to your search. You can also reach the advanced search bar view directly via the menu item "explore posts" on top of the website.

5. How can I create a new post?

Once you are logged in, you will find a grey button on the top right of the website. Here you can create a new advert for your project, event, Scout centre or whatever international idea you want to publish.

Possible things to keep in mind when writing a new post:

  • briefly present yourself and your group
  • describe your project with objectives, location and time line
  • be as concrete as possible
  • write in English language

Posts must be in accordance with the fundamental principles of Scouting. Any envisaged partnership should be built upon the principles of equality, autonomy, reciprocity and fraternity. Place human relationships at the heart of your proposal for a remote contact or a joint project, in a spirit of openness and tolerance. And most of all: respect others — they can have different cultures, lifestyles and Scouting practices.

6. How do I get in touch with other Guides and Scouts on the platform?

You can get in touch with creators of posts by clicking on their name in the panel besides their post.

Under "My Dashboard" in the menu you can then click on "Messages" to return to conversations which have already started.

7. Where do I see an overview of all my posts?

Click on "My dashboard" in the menu and then on "My posts". Here you will find all the posts which you have written. Each of your prepared posts here offers 3 buttons: "edit", "show" and a third button with a drop-down menu.

This third button indicates the current status of your post, which could be "to validate", "published" or "suspended" (not public).

8. How do I delete my post?

Under "My dashboard" in the menu you find "My posts". Each of your prepared posts here offers 3 buttons: "edit", "show" and a third button with a drop-down menu. You can select "delete" here to remove your post. You will have to confirm your intent to delete the post in the following pop-up after selecting "delete". In case of trouble, do not hesitate to contact the administrators of your member organisation.

9. Why does my post show "to validate" as status?

This status means that your member organisation (MO) has chosen that posts need to be validated by a facilitator before they are published. Your MO has one or more persons in the role of "facilitators" specifically taking care of helping you with your post: they cross-check your post, before it is published by them. With some patience they will get back to you or publish your post straight away.

10. Why can nobody see my post although I have clicked on "Publish your post"?

Most likely the status of your post is not on "Published". Go to your post and check the status: click on "My Dashboard" and then on "My posts" and observe the drop-down menu (the third button) on top of your post tile. It should say "Published".

There are two other possible status notifications which then mean that your post will not be publicly visible other than to yourself: "to validate" or "Suspended". "To validate" means that your member organisation chose to validate posts before publication, see the corresponding FAQ. With some patience they will get back to you or publish your post straight away. "Suspended" means that you have chosen to hide your post from the public. By clicking on the drop-down menu you can select "Published" in order to make your post publicly available to the Scouts and Guides on Azimuth.

11. Where can I adjust my profile which appears besides my posts?

Under the menu item "My Dashboard" you can click on "Profile". You have several groups of settings available which you can see on the left side: "About me", "Scout information", "Contact information" and you can click on "See my profile" to have a look how your profile looks to other people.

12. What does the "Account expiry date" mean?

In order to keep Azimuth a safe place, we need to make sure that all accounts on the platform relate to real Guides & Scouts, who are current members of a WAGGGS and/or WOSM member organisation (MO). In order to do so, each account has an expiry date, after which it cannot be used any more. Close to the expiry date, you will be asked to revalidate your membership via your MO's activator administrator, who has access to the member database of your MO.

13. How do I get a notification email when I receive new messages on Azimuth?

Under the menu item "My Dashboard" you can find "Settings". Here you change the account preferences, in particular you find a tickbox whether to "send notification on new messages to my email". Make sure this box is ticked.

14. How do I delete my account?

For the time being, please get in touch with the administrators of your member organisation, they will delete your profile upon request. Note that all your user data and posts will be permanently removed along with your account.

15. How can I help to make Azimuth even better?

If you have ideas, don't hesitate give us feedback on the Azimuth feedback platform or to send us an email. You are welcome to join our developer team, just get in touch with us!